Online Classes Registration

How to Register for Learning via our Online Campus

There are two classes of online learning and two ways to learn online:

  • Guest or Subscribed Learner:
    • There are FREE and FEE accessed quality online courses that are available for anyone not yet admitted as a student.
    • Click on the button below and then select from the SCHOOLS menu any program of interest, to find available courses.
    • Register your learner profile and/or select and click on the course you'd like to take and ENROLL to start learning immediately.
    • Click the button below to go to our online campus.


  • Admitted Students:
    • The programs are tuition-free for admitted students. To become a student click here to APPLY.
    • Students are automatically registered for the core courses in the program they are admitted into, however, students select their electives and concentration courses and self-register for them in their student online page.
    • Click the button below and sign-in with your profile registration ID to go to class.




Student Application/ Learner Requirements

The minimum disciple or student admission requirements into our programs, or learner requirements for course/training enrollment are listed as:

  1. For the Believers Development (with the Disciples' Workshops)
    • the ability to read and write in the English language (for now), at the Flesch-Kinkaid readability score of 70-60.
    • the workshops are designed to be easily understood by 8th and above (13+ years old) grade level students.
  2. For the Ministerial-Training program
    • a minimum of a high-school diploma or vocational credential equivalent
  3. For the Church-Officer Development program
    • a high-school diploma, associates degree, bachelor's degree or a recognized equivalent from an accredited institution
  4. For the Professional Development program
    • a graduate degree or recognized equivalent from an accredited institution;
    • a satisfactory scholastic average, usually a minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 2.75 (C+) on a 4.0 scale; and
    • enough undergraduate training to do graduate work in the chosen field of ministry and public service.

Satisfying minimal standards, however, may not guarantee your admission or enrollment, since the accommodation of many well-qualified applicants/registrants will depend on the availability of space and program or course start time. However, many collaborating churches and ministry departments and community groups may have additional requirements to satisfy their local conditions. Please check the information provided by them for other requirements.

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