Divine-Lifestyle Programs

Spiritual-Life Development Programs

Are virtuous life-transforming programs for everyone desiring God's Kingdom lifestyle in themselves, their families, at work, in church, or in their communities. The life of God is all-encompassing and ever-present in everything we do since He rules and reigns in our affairs (Dan 4:17). If you must have it, then you must have it all. While the much you have will work as much as you have, God's desire and will is for you to have it all. And so "He has blessed you with ALL spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ even as He made you sit together in Christ in heavenly places" (Eph 1:3 & 2:6). These spiritual blessings are operable on earth (or in your life) for your, family, and community's benefit through the manifestation of divine skills.

The knowledge of the glory the Father, His Divine ability, and His operations in heaven and earth is knowable. The Divine Life and Miraculous Workings of the Father produced through Jesus' Divine Skills are comprehendible, teachable, learnable, practicable, and transferable (Jn 14:7-14). Having received, learned, Known, and practiced them, we have packaged them into teachable and learnable programs and courses for your entire spiritual-life development, whether as a young or older individual or believer, single or married, member or head of the family, parent or guardian, minister or a church officer, professional or head of a corporate/government organization. Explore the programs or courses and immediately sign-up, apply or register and enroll to begin transforming your lifestyle with expected results or outcomes. We are looking forward to learning and changing the world together with you, in Christ.

Learning, Course, Program Structure, and Credentials

The structure, formality, and consistency of learning enable learners to imbibe (consume and assimilate) knowledge in order to make it comfortable for or to be practiced (ministered, given, released). The saying that "you cannot give what you don't have" holds true, and is substantiated by the sayings of Jesus the "unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood [appropriare the substance of His Life], you have no [divine] life in you" (Jn 6:53-54); as well as that except "His Word abides [takes residence and lasts for a long time] in you, you cannot be divinely productive" (Jn 15:4-8). To make this happen; for divine learning to endure; for disciples to be sustainably productive for the glory of God's Kingdom our spiritual-life development programs are delivered and credentialled as categorized to meet the learning styles and assimilative needs of different classes of learners.

  • The workshops are packaged as Courses for believers' spiritual-life development and delivered in expedited formats. Each workshop is equivalent to a typical class or college course. Learners can earn 2 to 5 learning credit hours (LCH) per workshop, which is equivalent to 20 to 50 hours of contact learning. Though delivery is expedited for reasons of jumpstarting learners/disciples into receiving divine knowledge and producing divine life/skills, the outcome is the same as if learning is paced in more traditional formats for learning and credentialing. Certificates of Participation are awarded to successful participants.

  • Learners are awarded believer-development Certificates when they complete at least 15 credit hours or 150 hours of learning and demonstrating such. The certificates' classes/programs are paced and can be a collection of at least three workshop classes including the practice exercises and electives. Learners have at most 6 months to complete a certificate program at the pace of 1.5 hours of learning and study per day or 6.5 hours per week assuming a four-day week. At double this pace, online or hybrid (that is a combination of online, ground, and residency) learners, can complete a certificate program in at least a 3-month period. 
  • Advanced-Certificates are awarded to learners when they complete at least 22.5 credit hours or 225 hours of learning and demonstrating divine ability. Like the certificates' classes/programs, learning is paced and learners have at most 9 months to complete an advanced-certificate program at the pace of 1.5 hours of learning and study per day or 6.5 hours per week assuming a four-day week. Within a 6-month period, learners can complete an advanced-certificate program through online or hybrid (that is a combination of online, ground, and residency) learning.

  • Diplomas for ministerial- and professional-development are awarded to learners who complete at least 30 learning credit hours for a paced learning of up to 1-year. Online or hybrid learners can complete a diploma program in 6-9 months completing at least 300 hours of learning at 1.5+ daily learning hours. Admittance into the diploma programs requires at least a high school leaving certificate/diploma. And so course content and delivery are toned for the assimilative level of learners.
  • Post-Graduate Diplomas have the same core divine content, technically, as the diploma programs but course and delivery are toned-up for the assimilative needs and level of those who have acquired at least a Bachelor's degree in any academic field or vocational equivalent program. Learners will earn 30 LCH at the completion of this program and will spend up to 1-year in the program, whether as online, hybrid, or on-ground learners/students.

  • The Associate level programs are a career-development two-year full entry-level academic yet divinely infused skills program. Students will earn an Associate Degree for completing 600 hours of contact learning (or 60 credit hours) in specific chosen fields. Admittance into the associate's programs requires at least a high school leaving certificate/diploma.

  • The Bachelor level programs are a career-development four-year, or two-year with an associate's degree, full academic yet divinely infused skills, and abilities programs. Students will earn a Bachelor's Degree for completing 1200 hours of contact learning (or 120 credit hours) in specific chosen fields. Admittance into the bachelor's programs requires at least a high school leaving certificate/diploma, or a B-average Associates Degree for a short-run two-years to earning a bachelor's degree.

  • The Masters level programs are up to two-year academic yet divinely infused knowledge, skills, and abilities advanced studies and professional development programs. Students will earn a Masters Degree for completing 360-400 hours of contact learning (or at least 36 credit hours) in specific chosen fields. Admittance into the associate's programs requires at least a bachelor's degree with a 2.75 GPA on a scale of 4.00.

  • Professional or Ministerial Certification is granted to believers, ministers, or professionals when they take and pass a certification examination that helps ensure their Professional Scriptural Competency (PSC) is up-to-date and maintained. They maintain their credential by earning up to 60 MDU or PDU's (ministerial or professional development units) through the performance of specific scriptural, lifestyle, ministerial, and or professional advancement activities over a three-year renewal cycle.
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